Samsung seems to be moving their hype machine into top gear in preparation for their next Galaxy Unpacked event in New York on August 13th. The posted on their Samsung Tomorrow blog outlining the seven reasons why bigger phones are ‘better’ – a good argument for a company expected to announce not one but two large new flagship devices above 5.5 inches in size within a week.

According to Samsung’s post:

“The phone is no longer just for making calls and listening to music. It has evolved into a life companion capable of making just about every aspect of our lives more convenient, and screen size plays a big part in this”

The post goes on to list and discusses their seven reasons:

  • Taking Pictures
  • Filming Videos
  • Read More, Do More
  • Emailing and Messaging
  • Doing Business
  • Watching Movies
  • Playing Games

Because the smartphone is now a hybrid of devices — and increasingly, the most common way to interact with the world — a bigger screen allows a mobile device to play all of these roles at once. Time will only tell as to what the future holds for smartphone screen size, but it’s likely that even bigger and better things are going to happen… and soon.

One could argue the validity of some of their arguments and perhaps develop a list of 7 reasons why bigger is not better, but regardless of whether you might agree with some specific arguments the mobile market has seen steady and consistent growth in screen size over the past few years. Most major OEMs now have at least one “large phone” in their stable, and if you needed another indication of the increasing acceptance of this sector of the market you might have noticed the decline in the use of the beloved nomenclature “phablet” (PHone – taBLET) from discussions of such devices.

Despite not achieving internal sales targets for their last 2 devices, Samsung continues to be one of the most popular handset manufacturers both in Australia and Worldwide topping out the sales charts every quarter. The company can be largely credited with inventing the oversized phone market when they announced the first Galaxy Note in September 2011. The Note models have been under pressure of late though, facing growing competition at the larger end of the size spectrum.

If the rumored specs for the new Note 5 are accurate, Samsung may hold or regain its ground in this growingly competitive market segment. As usual we will be covering the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, check back for the latest updates as they come to light.

Have you joined the large phone bandwagon? Let us know where you stand on phone size in the comments.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow.