HTC is usually right on top of their game when it comes to updating their phones to the next version of Android. While they’ve previously had some issues with slipped dates, they’re usually quite good. Just as Google was announcing all their Nexus goodies, HTC has taken to social media to spruik the list of devices that will be updated to Android 6.0 with at least two due to get a taste before the end of the year.

As expected, the HTC One M9 and the HTC One M8, their mainstream latest and greatest will be the first in line to receive the update, with HTC advising they will be getting the update ‘beginning end of 2015’ – though they are quick to note ‘Not all carriers in all regions will have completed roll out before the end of 2015’. The list of devices to see Android Marshmallow is pretty good, and HTC also notes ‘Additional devices to be confirmed’ – but, the current list includes:

  • HTC One M9
  • HTC One M8
  • HTC One M9+
  • HTC One E9+
  • HTC One E9
  • HTC One ME
  • HTC One E8
  • HTC One M8 Eye
  • HTC Butterfly 3
  • HTC Desire 826
  • HTC Desire 820
  • HTC Desire 816

We love getting a new update on our phones, but of course if you purchased it through a carrier that testing phase will have to be completed. We’ll look forward to seeing what HTC can do for other devices in their range as well.

Source: @htc.