Google has finally heard the will of its Play Store customers, separating apps and games out in the newest update to the Play Store, which is (or should be) rolling out to users as a server-side switch very soon. Android Police reports that one of their readers has the updated Play Store, and you can see how it looks above.

Of course, it does appear to be a work in progress, which might explain why most users can’t see this yet. As you can see in the two screenshots below, while the front screen now separates out Apps and Games, the fly-out menu does not, combining them into My apps & games still.

Separating out apps and games makes a lot of sense; many users, like me, barely touch gaming on Android, but do make extensive use of apps, and it is very frustrating receiving games recommendations for things I will seriously never, ever use. It also means that the top charts, for those who like to see what’s trending, will be separated out as well, with top apps being shown separately to top games.

It’s a welcome move, and we can’t wait to see this change rolled out more generally soon, and we mean really soon.


Via: Android Police.