Nexus 6

Google’s Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, which launched a bit over two years ago in October 2014, have basically reached end of life status, with confirmation from Google that neither device will advance beyond Android 7.1.1. While both will continue to receive security updates for now, that’ll be about it. Those security updates should last until at least the end of this year, with Google publicly committing to three years of security updates, allowing owners plenty of time to consider their next upgrade option.

Frankly, neither device was really much good. The Nexus 6 failed comprehensively to take off the way Google hoped it might; we can’t help but feel it was just too big and too poor. The Nexus 9, on the other hand, was even less successful, facing actual problems as well as slow adoption, meaning that it likely only ever sold in very small numbers.

We know of a few people still using these, for whom today’s news is probably both expected and a bit disappointing, but with so much choice across budget, mid-range and premium devices, for those wanting to upgrade, there’s never been a better time.

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victor salman

If I only ever would get the update! Still waiting for the T-Mobile OTA to nougat.


Like others I love my N6. Longest I’ve owned a phone. Got it from Google when it came out and still love it. Had it on big red and even better now on fi. If the hardware supports 7.1.2, they should let us have it.

Jim Wertman

Same,not really sure where the Nexus 6 hate in the article comes from. It’s a great phone doing everything now as good as day 1.

Jonathan Arroyo

Google just want to sell pixel which is costly enough without any good specifications that 2016 phones water resistant..wireless charging..all they got is a new OS and camera..but the same design as whats new with it….copycat…my nexus that i luv is best where in google is trying to tell the world about lies 6 si better than anyphones out there..luv the size and more..

Mitesh Manani

Nexus 6 is the Best Device google has produced till now. Especially love the size and design.

Daniel Tyson

Big phone that one. Was pretty good, except for its proclivity to go through USB cables like a hot knife through butter. Not sure what was up with that.

Adam Nixon

Can’t agree with your statement about the Nexus 6 being bad, sure it’s your opinion but this device is really well received by most of the people that bought it.

Jamie S

I hate to be that one that says it, but this could be the main reason I’d switch to an iPhone.

Darren Ferguson

What benefits have there really been with the last couple of OS upgrades? Both Android and iPhone have reached a level of maturity in both OS and hardware that there isn’t a huge difference between them. Especially OS upgrades, there has been no killer feature for awhile.

Jamie S

I agree, but if I’m going to shell out the same money for a Pixel as an iPhone then Google should match the iOS update support timeframe IMO.


My Nexus 6 is still going strong. Works perfectly, can’t see why I’ll have to upgrade for a long time yet.

Jonathan Allen

Mine mine is too, love it!!!


I’m using my N6 still and have been really happy with it – haven’t got any updates beyond 7.0, though, and it tells me no updates are available?
Like the idea of Nexus/Pixel, but happy to wait for a bit longer yet

Martin Conway

My N6 (telstra) was also stuck on 7.0. I gave up waiting and manually flashed 7.1.1 (OTA) a couple of days ago. Doesn’t seem very different.

Darren Ferguson

Using a Nexus 9 and it’s not really disappointing, it will keep doing what I want from it for some time to come I am sure. It never was a powerhouse though, but a good replacement for my OG Nexus 7.