On stage today at Google IO Google’s head of VR Clay Bavor made a surprising announcement, Daydream VR is in fact coming to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, as well as LG’s next flagship phone.

That’s right since the launch of the S8 it had been speculated that the device lacked Daydream support to promote Samsung’s own Gear VR solution, and that may have been true. However, it looks like this exclusivity has and end date, this summer, now we expect that’s summer in the northern hemisphere so we should expect to see it start to roll out by no later than 21 September this year (technically the end of the US summer). Will the Samsung Gear VR also be daydream compatible? We don’t know.

While Google hasn’t named which device it is, Google also announced that the next major LG flagship will also be Daydream ready. The next obvious choice for LG flagship with the LCD screen packing LG G6 already in the market is the LG V30 which is due to launch at the end of the year.

Samsung has yet to comment on the announcement, however if we were Samsung we’d defiantly want that our hardware to be compatible, maybe if you have a Pixel and one of the new Samsung Gear VR headsets see what happens when you drop it in? If the daydream app starts it’s a good bet it will be compatible in the future.

Source: Google.
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Dean Reading

I wish they had announced this earlier – then I would have bought a Galaxy S8 on one of the pre-order deals!

Philip Clark

I guess this confirms LG’s next flagship will have an OLED screen. Not sure why they (or indeed anyone) went with an LCD screen for the G6.