+ Saturday January 25th, 2020

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Google announce Daydream Standalone headsets, VR without a phone or a PC, Headsets coming soon in partnership with HTC and Lenovo

As hoped, and rumoured, Google has unveiled a new hardware line for their AR platform Daydream: the Daydream Standalone VR headset. Rumours for a standalone VR solution began circulating some time before Google IO 2016 and we’re officially getting a few details. The Standalone DayDream VR headsets will allow immersive …

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Google puts the Earth into VR

With the all of Google’s fingers in various VR Pies there can be little doubt that this is a platform that Google want’s to get in on the ground floor with. Between tilt brush, Cardboard and Daydream to name just a few of Google’s recent VR efforts they are trying …

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