If you’re still annoyed you missed out on the Google Glass Explorer program you can get in on the next generation with Google Glass Enterprise Edition now available to purchase.

This latest addition of Glass on-sale now through Streye who are selling it for €1,550 – that’s over $2,300AUD – and yes, they will ship it to Australia for an additional €80 (about $120AUD). Shipping will take place between 15-30 days from order, but add shipping time on top of that.

Glass Enterprise Edition from Streye comes with the Streye Lite App which includes an account with them, 2GB of file storage and of course support and access to their platform. Specs wise, the unit contains:


Supports 2.4 / 5 GHz . 802.1x
BLUETOOTH Multiple devices connection, BLE
PHOTOS Photos 5MP, Supports HDPI
VIDEO 720p
SENSORS Capacitive Head Sensor, Barometer, Magnetometer, Wink Sensor, Blink Sensor, Hinge Effect Sensor

Based on the price alone you shouldn’t buy one of these units, that’s a good sized chunk of cash right there. Google recently announced they had shifted focus for Glass from consumer to Enterprise where a second screen at eye level has been useful in all manner of industry including manufacturing, logistics, health and more. Using Glass as a consumer is just not the same as it once was.

If you really feel the need to see what you look like wearing Glass, you could try the replica of the Explorer edition for sale now on eBay.