We have seen a lot of leaks of cases and renders for the LG V30 with each of them pointing towards a phone that seems to be an iteration of the G6. Today we have seen live pictures of the phone, confirming all of these previous leaks.

Most manufacturers partner with big names in the photography industry to promote their new products. LG’s usual partner is Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his showd HITRECORD. For the V30 it seems that LG are doing the same and today someone has accidentally uploaded videos of the LG V30 were uploaded to the HITRECORD website. The good folk over at Droid Life were able to grab some screenshots from the videos before they were removed not long after.

The videos were not in HD so the images aren’t the greatest quality but from these you can certainly get a feel for the design and look of the upcoming LG V30.

These pictures fit exactly with the CAD renders, the user manual extract, and the LG renders we have seen in the past weeks. There is the dual rear camera, the rear central fingerprint scanner and the even more shrunken bezels that were expected. From the images it is difficult to determine whether the front display is in fact a curved display but LG themselves have stated that it will be when talking about their new displays.

The phone is looking to be a great looking device and will hopefully be a success for LG as their new design language is certainly resonating with me.

Anyone looking forward to checking out this phone? How about a Pixel XL 2 based on this phone?

Source: Droid Life.
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Been very happy with my G6, I considered waiting around for the V30 but no regrets (that might change when it launches)


> How about a Pixel XL 2 based on this phone?

Given the similarity, it seems like the pixel version would have to be noticeably cheaper to find a market – particularly if the V30 comes with wireless charging, microSD, headphone jack, and a removable battery.

Personally I prefer all these sensible decisions backported into a more reasonably sized phone with a 16/9 display.