If you’ve been following the news today you’ll know that the Pixel 2 floodgates have opened with Google, JB and Telstra all starting pre-orders for the Pixel 2 phones. Telstra has taken the initiative and put them (and a Home Mini) on display in-store so you can get an idea of what they’re like.

Telstra stores all over Australia are displaying the phones, as well as a Google Home Mini on the end cap in their stores. The end cap is a valued position in Telstra stores, with the original Pixel occupying it last year and it’s now been replaced by the Pixel 2.

The phones I saw in-store (Tuggeranong, ACT store) were both black so no chance to check out the other colour options. Telstra will be supplying the entire colour range including Quite Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue (Pixel 2 in 64GB only). The phone feels incredibly nice in the hand, but now you can head in and check it out yourself.

The in-store displays allow you to pick the phone up and handle it, allowing you to get a good look at the screen…in particular the Pixel 2 XL screen which has been the source of some consternation for Google fans. Personally, it doesn’t look bad at all to me after a brief in-store play, but better to look for yourself.

The Google Home Mini is also on display is setup on a pod with a retail mode that plays a pre-defined sales pitch which is actually pretty handy if you’re not familiar with Google Home. The Home Mini on display is the Chalk coloured model which is being given away as a gift with purchase with the Pixel 2 phones.

If you’re in the market for a Pixel 2 or a Home Mini but want to see them before you order then head into your local Telstra store and check it out.

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Luke Roberts

Popped into the Telstra store in Kotara to check out the Pixel 2 XL display before I lay down a pre-order…. and … it was not there! Only the Pixel 2… hmmm… ok then.

Made a trip accross town to the Marketown store and great, the XL 2 was there…. but… it’s battery was dead ( obviously somehting wrong with the security alarm / charger cord )…

Maybe there is something they don’t want us to see??

David Jones

I figured if the Telstra store at Tuggeranong (I used to live in the ACT, but have been in Melbourne for a long time now), then its was work checking my local Telstra store at Epping in Melbourne. Sure enough, it was on display at the front store as it was in Tuggeranong. It was good to see that Google and Telstra are promoting the Pixel by having it in store before release, something I haven’t seen before.