Four months since it’s release the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL still have the best smartphone camera available. Now with the next generation of phones about to hit the market there are likely going to be some decent deals on them in the coming weeks.

Starting off today Telstra (and JB Hi-Fi because they are a re-seller for Telstra) are offering a deal on the Pixel 2 XL. For a limited time you can get a Pixel 2 XL for $59 per month on a plan that includes 15GB of data per month and a free Google Home Mini.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Unfortunately it is. There is some fine print: you will have to sign up to a new 24 month contract and is only available for users who are porting in to Telstra onto the new contract. If you are already a Telstra customer you could always try the trick of porting out to a $2 Vodafone sim and porting back in an hour or so later — that should work.

If you head over to the Telstra website the deal is not available but instore, at both Telstra and JB Hi-Fi, and the online chat are both offering the deal if you don’t mind signing up for two years.

Reading the Ozbargain website also shows that a lot of people will be getting this deal and then selling the phone on one of the various online markets so hopefully this means there will be some affordable Google Pixel 2 XL smartphones showing up soon. I am in the market for one but will not be signing up to a two year contract.

Anyone looking to grab a Pixel 2 XL or are you waiting for one of the new flagships to launch? Which one do you like the look of?

Source: OzBargain.
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Luke Roberts

Just read this…. the Pixels ( like iPhones ) don’t have carrier ROm ( ie bloat ) and are on the generic international ROM – so we get the updates the same day they are released by google. I just got the 5th May security Update on the 5th May.

Mark Dutton

Yeah nah. Pixel needs to support wireless charging to be a real contender. Maybe Pixel 3. :/


Just want to give y’all a heads up that this offer is still available (in Telstra Stores atleast). Not only that but I was actually able to use a existing telstra prepaid sim and was given the same offer. The girl who served us also gave us an extra 5GB of data bringing the total up to 20GB for $59


Deal is still available but I was honest over the phone about porting from telstra to optus so I could take up this offer as a ‘new’ customer and the sales rep said it was fraudulent and against the law.

I’ve been looking but can’t find any ‘law’ it breaks. Anyone able to help?


You might in good faith switch to Optus, realise that their mobile network isn’t any good near your house, so decide to switch back to Telstra within a month. If you are porting your number to Telstra, I’d have thought that makes you a new customer, regardless of whether you’ve been with them previously. Can’t see how switching networks frequently means you commit fraud, although probably better not to tell them in advance if your only motivation is a new handset! ;^)


Is this deal still available at JB???


Hey.. I have got the Pixel2 from JB Hi Fi with 2 year Telstra contract and I change my mind to return it. I am expecting the answer to be NO, but trying my luck. I have not opened the box or anything yet for phone. Is there anyway I can do that? Please leave your comments.

Thanks in advance,


I got this deal yesterday at JB Hifi. The black and white google Pixel 2 XL 64gb with the google home mini and headphones. Just note if you try and port your number out to Vodafone on a $2 sim for example and want to port it back, you have to be out of Telstra for 30 days…. Unless you’re happy to get a new number, the sales assistance said, just buy a sim from another carrier (eg belong for $5). Register it and port it over. Worked fine.


I can confirm this is indeed the Pixel 2 XL. I went into my local JB and Telstra shop today. Picked up 2 of them at $59/mth each. They came pre bundled with Google Home Mini and earbud style headphones. Telstra said this deal is on till April some time.


Just got this today too 🙂 Pixel 2 XL + headphones + google home mini. Thanks for the heads up 🙂


where you got ?


are you sure it is the pixel 2 xl, because I went to my local jbhifi, and they said it was the small pixel 2.


This deal is incredible. Just signed myself and hubby up. Walked out of JB with two google pixel 2s (a smaller one and one XL), two google home minis and two headphones, all pre-shrink wrapped up ready to go as the previous commenter said. I’m so excited. Would never have known about this deal without this post so THANKYOU!!

Chris Rowland

This is the feedback we love to receive 🙂


For a four month old flagship phone that may be equalled but unlikely to be surpassed in any meaningful way in the next 12 months, this is ridiculously cheap. I tend to keep my handsets for >2 years anyway so a 2 year contract doesn’t matter at all to me.

I wonder if the Home Mini and headphones are included if direct from a Telstra store? I’ll be in our local branch negotiating an NBN switchover on Monday morning (still contracted to Telstra so cannot switch providers) so might need to walk out with a new mobile as well.


Just signed up to the Pixel 2 XL deal at JB HiFi Northland Melbourne. No handset cost, just $59 per month for 24months. It’s shrinkwrapped with the Google Home Mini and headphones, no need to ask for these extras. Porting from Optus took a few minutes!! So I was able to walk out of the store with everything ready to go, make sure you take 100 points of ID, in my case license and credit card. BTW to those people on an Optus “SIM only plan” I contacted Optus this morning about breaking my contract (I was 9 months into… Read more »


Are you saying you eventually didn’t even have to pay anything for breaking the contract with Optus?


I can confirm this deal is as advertised. $59 per month, zero handset costs, free google home & headphones.


Headphones? Did you go through Telstra direct or JB Hifi?

Chris Rowland

This sounds like a JB package deal.


I got mine from a Telstra store yesterday. Can confirm it was a 64GB Pixel 2 XL, headphones and Google Home Mini, all for $59/month. Essentially, it’s the M mobile plan and zero handset cost.

Cenakhoa Nguyen

I am contacting Teltra to open a complain and dispute, I ported to Teltra 3 months ago and the price at that moment was 109$, this price break hurt me a lot. Anyone experience this before?

Cenakhoa Nguyen

I got the discount from 109$/month (bought 3 month ago) to 69$/month by opening a complain with telstra in 2 days with many discussion with staffs, they seem strict because they think people will open more complains, the plan include 20GB data and international call with pixel xl 128gb as my original plan. I think it’s fair enough. Google priced this Pixel phone ridiculously high and gave so many discount because of the iPhone X and S9+, that devalue the phone and upset the pioneering customer like me.


You’ve got arguably a better deal than anyone! The $59 deal is for a 64GB Pixel 2 XL, 15 GB/month, no international calling. The latter is a $10/month option so even with the cheaper handset I’d say you’re still ahead. Nice one.


Dosen’t include handset costs. That’s an extra $30 something.


ok, i’ll give it a try tonight. ta.


That’s a great deal. Hope they have one with the Pixel 3, but I don’t want to wait till February to get the phone…

D Walker

Wow great deal! Smart move right before the S9 launches

Chris Rowland

Especially when, according to DXOMark at least, the Pixel 2 camera is roughly equal to the S9 in camera performance, and ahead in video performance. It’s a great phone.