Google have had a busy day today, not content with releasing the new version of Android, Pie, they have also released the monthly security bulletin and security patches for August.

In what can only be described as a good thing, there are no functional patches but instead security updates only. The update includes Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVEs) reported or discovered in the past month. The CVEs cover the Kernel, Framework and Media Framework, as well as hardware patches for some Qualcomm components.

This month there are quite a few Qualcomm specific component updates for the Pixel/Nexus devices as well as a fair few for the closed source Qualcomm hardware for Android.

The sheer number of updates that arrive each week show the importance of updates to an Android device. To maintain the security of a device manufacturers need to regularly provide updates to their hardware. While manufacturers as a whole are getting better at this there is always room for improvement.

For those with Pixel devices the updates are available in the new Android 9.0 Pie released overnight. Hopefully the patches will arrive on other phones in the not-to-distant future.

Source: Android Security Bulletin.
Via: Pixel / Nexus Security Bulletin.