One phone launch just gone and already we are moving onto rumours of another phone, this time the Huawei Mate 20. Tonight there has been a new leak of what is purported to be the display assembly for Huawei’s upcoming flagship.

The Huawei P20 Pro was well received by most and Huawei, according to tonight’s leak, look set to continue on with the Mate 20, especially with the display. Photos tonight have appeared of what is apparently the display assembly for the Mate 20.

As you can see in the photos above we can glean some details for the Mate 20 from this supposed display assembly. We can see that the Mate 20 will have dual front facing cameras, one more than the single front facing camera on the P20 Pro. The result of this is that the notch on the Mate 20 Pro looks to be wider than that on the P20 Pro.

The display on the Mate 20, if it is in fact the display from the Mate 20, looks to be curved as well, just as it was on last year’s Mate device. The more significant take from these photos is that there appears to be circuitry on the back of the display that looks suspiciously like that required for an in-display fingerprint sensor. We have seen it in a few phones lately and looks to be fairly reliable and quick: you would think Huawei would be pushing to include it.

If Huawei do include an under-display fingerprint sensor in the Mate 20 and improve upon the already best-in-class rear camera you can be sure they will have a phone that will move them closer to the number one smartphone manufacturer spot.

Source: digitech.
Via: Slashleaks.
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hopefully they still have one of the versions feature the home button/fingerprint reader on the chin….with no notch. basically a mate10 with updated specs.


slightly disappointed with the notch design. Downgrade in terms of design from the mate 10 pro, which is one of the most beautiful phones on the market. Honor’s note 10 shows u can make a huge phone without the need for a ugly notch. Lets pray the mate 20 pro doesnt have the notch.

Truehoneste h

The notch is still amd always will be a compromise. Screen size is measure diagonally. A phone of 6inches without a notch has more screen area than a 6inch phone with a notch and therefore u are actually getting less screen with a notch.


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