While they’re perhaps a touch dormant on new release devices, Huawei are far from inactive in the marketing space. In fact they’ve once again taken aim at Apple in a rather amusing iPhone release day troll.

No strangers to poking fun at Apple Huawei have reportedly taken to the queue outside an Apple store on launch day. Mothership.sg report that while the iPhone fans were observing their annual ritual of queuing up to get their hands on the fabled devices, Huawei staff took the opportunity to not-so-subtly have a go at the battery life of iPhones by handing out powerbanks to the waiting crowds. The powerbanks were emblazoned with the words Here’s a battery, you’ll need it on the cover.

The iPhone X is reported to have a 2,716mAh battery and the XS battery comes in at 3,174mAh and for heavy users is expected to require a bit of a boost during the day to make sure it has enough juice to make it to bed time. The obvious comparison is to the Huawei P20 Pro that we reviewed where the 4,000mAh battery life was outstanding.

While from the outside it’s amusing, the marketing ploy is far less brutal but reminiscent of the RIM “Wake up” stunt outside a Sydney Apple store in 2012 and perhaps has the potential to backfire, particularly when you consider the budget Apple have available to take marketing revenge.

All eyes will be on Huawei’s Mate 20 launch in London in a few weeks to see if they can backup this big talking.