Google added a remote shutter for their camera to Wear OS, then Android Wear, back in 2014, but that’s where the functionality seemed to stop – until now. Google has added a couple of great new features to the Wear OS app, including a view finder, option to flip the camera and a timer.

The new features seemed to be tied to the v6.1 update to the Google Camera update which is rolling out now. If you’re not able to find the update on your watch, you may need to install the Camera app from the Play Store on Wear OS (check out the ‘Apps on your phone’ section).

The View Finder option is one of the more useful additions to the Wear OS, allowing you to frame your shot for a family portrait etc. or even stick the phone into hard to reach places and see what’s there.

The update will work with the Google Camera app which is available for Nexus, as well as Pixel phones including the upcoming Pixel 3. If you’re keen to try it out, make sure you have the Wear OS app and give it a go.

Via: reddit.
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    wow this really stuffs up all other android & wear users not with a pixel or nexus.

    Glenn Batten

    Does this work in Australia. I have the pixel, the right camera app on the phone but I cannot find the wear os camera app nor can i install it from the apps on your phone section.

    Glenn Batten

    Still nothing for me.. wonder why that is….