Kayo has made a fairly big splash in the media world since it was introduced not long ago. Many people have Foxtel just for the sport, so for Fox Sports to offer their sports channels as an entirely separate streaming package rings the bell of many of their customers.

As Telstra is the exclusive telco partner for Kayo they are now offering the ability for Telstra users to access Kayo by adding it to their home broadband or post-paid mobile account. Michael Ackland, Group Executive, Telstra Consumer & Small Business said that:

“Our customers are passionate about their sports and already stream up to 40 million minutes of AFL, NRL, Netball and A-League action in a single weekend. The introduction of Kayo through our partnership with Foxtel gives customers even more choice to add-on the best sports content to enjoy at home on Telstra TV or on the go using Australia’s best mobile network.”

Kayo, now with a full Android app (and web interface) and Chromecast capabilities, offers non-stop HD sport from the world’s best sports broadcasters including FOX SPORTS Australia, ESPN, beIN SPORTS and Redbull – including every international cricket match in Australia live this summer. The app also allows viewers watch selected game highlights from many sports as well as a no spoilers function where scores are switched off allowing you to jump back in as if it was live.

Kayo is available as a no lock-in subscription from $25 per month as well as a 14 day free trial. For more information on adding a subscription to your Telstra account head to their website.

Now all Telstra need to do is make it “data-free” and it will be a no-brainer.

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By HD do they mean it only streams at 720p ?


Site doesn’t say but for Chromecast support it says you need “Chromecast Ultra and above”. So I would assume / hope that means true HD. There is no mention I can see of 4k. Probably worth the trial I would say.


I actually found it quite useful as a way to save money instead of a foxtel go account as I really only get for sport


Not everyone subscribes to Foxtel just for the sport.

Some people subscribe because they want to hear Mr Murdoch and his allies express their political views.


Is this a sponsored article?

Chris Rowland