With the future of Android TV apparently secure the Android TV team took to the stage at Google I/O to show off what they’ve been working on. One thing many Android TV users have been waiting for is an improved Play Store and purchasing experience on Google’s lean-back launcher.

The new Play Store redesign made a quick appearance during the presentation, showing a glimpse of what was to come rather than a deep dive into the ins and outs of the redesign. But what they showed was rather nice, there’s no trace of the old and clunky UI, rather there’s an expansive almost cinematic feel to the Store.

Unfortunately, this was the only glimpse they gave us, but it shows the depth of the redesign and a definite direction that Google is taking Android TV. The other exciting Store related announcement was a smoother subscription/ purchasing flow.

Personally I pull out my phone to buy any content I want and the navigate to it on my TV, I refuse to turn off password security for payments and the current UI leaves a lot to be desired. As shown below the password will be replaced with a simple pin, making it at least a little easier.

The roll out of the new version of the Play Store is unfortunately slated for “later this year”.

Source: Google.
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Does anyone know if foxtel now will come to the updated play store??? I have a nvidia shield tv and want it on there as it’s better than the foxtel now box and telstra TV box. I’ve already asked foxtel and they say a lot of people have asked for it over the past few YEARS and the team have been made aware. Wtf. YEARS!!!??? Foxtel are losing out on more people signing up because of this. Any hints from you guys will be appreciated. Thanks


Technically it will be updated via the play store, so it may indeed come to the Vodafone white label Android TV box