Google has in recent times been unable to prevent details of most of its devices from leaking to the public. This time around the Pixel 4 has already started leaking so it looks like Google is getting ahead of the ball with a teaser of their own.

Google, via the hardware division’s Twitter page, has provided us all with an image of the rear of the upcoming Pixel 4. The images provided by Google are a match to all the rumours and leaks we have seen so far:

There is the square rear camera setup with a flash at the bottom and apparently three imaging lenses of some sort above it. This matches with the render leaks we saw and the case models we have also seen in the last few days. Interestingly, Google is saying, effectively, that this phone will be able to do some amazing stuff — not surprisingly seeing as software is normally where the Pixel devices excel.

This leak comes on the back of a report that the Pixel 4 will house a Soli radar chip to allow hands free gestures for different applications. This is similar to the new hands free gestures they are bringing to the Nest Hub Max so it would not surprise us if they took it a step further this year in their flagship device, the Pixel 4.

Part of me is saying that this could be Google trolling us like they used to a while back. The fact that all these rumours seem to be lining up shows some Olympic-level trolling by ?Google or the true nature of the Pixel 4. What do you think?

As we said the other day you can be sure that more Pixel 4 details will come to light in the next few months prior to its release so keep checking in with us here at Ausdroid as we attempt to cover everything Pixel-related.

Source: MadeByGoogle.
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Clyde Jones

I’m more interested in the front. Please say no more notch!