After yesterday’s Pixel 4 leak by Google many speculated that the Made By Google event would arrive earlier this year — why else would Google be teasing the Pixel 4 to us this early if the actual launch was October. Today’s Pixel 4 leak shows that the speculation may well be wrong.

Friend of Ausdroid, Evan Blass has today revealed on his Twitter account a snapshot of the Verizon Marketing calendar. The snapshot had the Pixel 4 slotted in at its usual spot in October — just after the usual Made By Google event at the beginning of October.

While this is not irrefutable proof, Evan has been extremely accurate in the past preferring to send out quality leaks over quantity with most of his proving accurate in the end. This one does seem to fit though as the carriers know a long way in advance when each company will be releasing a phone.

At this stage it looks like the Made By Google event will be in October and expect a Pixel 4 with five imaging modules along with some Project Soli integration for hands-free gestures. Hopefully Google can nail the design this year, and finally include more than a paltry 4GB of RAM in their flagship.

Source: Evan Blass.