It is quite simple to make an emergency call on an Android phone but if you are unable to speak due to the emergency (or other reason) then that makes placing the call more difficult. Google are looking to aid this situation with a new feature coming to the Phone app on Google Pixel and ‘select Android devices’.

On their blog today Google have revealed that they are bringing the ability to ‘share information about the assistance you require, along with your location, to the emergency operator without speaking’. When placing an emergency call ‘Medical’, ‘Fire’, or ‘Police’ buttons will pop up conveying the emergency service you require to the emergency operator using an on-device automated voice service. After activating the service you can also speak to the operate if you so desire.

Your phones GPS often provides the emergency services with your location but the new feature goes a step further providing location information through the automated voice service as well as the callers’ plus code which provides further location information. All of this information stays between the caller and the emergency services and is not shared with anyone else.

Google are collaborating with various public safety organisations and are looking to make this new feature available in the ‘coming months’. At this stage it is only slated for a US release but we can only hope it arrives here in the future.

Source: Google Blog.