With Google moving their Home branding over to Nest we’re not 100% sure what the naming conventions will be going forward, regardless the Mini successor has just dropped by the FCC for a visit — The Google / Nest / Home / Mini (whatever it ends up being called) and we’ve managed to get a small insight into what we might get with the new device.

Overall the size and scope of the device seems to be identical to the original Google Home Mini with the FCC filing revealing a complete drawing of the underside of the device. Comparing it to the original we see the same charging port and mute switch. However, there’s no sight of the rumoured 3.5mm jack which will disappoint more than a few of us (Editor: why would you ever need a headphone jack in a mini Duncan?).

The image does confirm the existence of the wall hanger, and as expected it’s a simple recess in the moulding that will allow the device to hand from a screw or hook in the wall. While it is possible that the second cutout is for a 3.5mm headphone jack we think it’s extremely unlikely that in this privacy-centric market Google would remove the mute switch so it is most likely for that.

One interesting change between the Google Home Mini and the Google Nest Mini is the addition of a Setup code. In the Nest ecosystem, a Setup code makes setting up a new device and associating it to your account easier.

The Google Nest Mini is expected to be launched at the Made By Google event in October but until then keep your eyes on Ausdroid for more information.

Source: FCC.