Google’s plans for Android 11 this year were originally to release three developer previews before a beta at Google I/O. As with so many other people’s plans this year their plans have been thrown into disarray and interrupted thanks to the novel coronavirus. Google have thus decided to “add a bit of extra time in the Android 11 release schedule”.

To do this Google have today released a fourth Developer Preview today and are now planning to release the first Beta on June 3 in a special Beta Launch Show, hosted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Google.

To help us get our heads around this new release schedule Google have also released a new graphic with the new timetable which shows the Beta 1 releasing in June, Beta 2 in July and Beta 3 and release candidates in August.

Developer Preview 4

The new Developer Preview released today brings with it mostly performance improvements and small incremental updates. The Android Beta Feedback app has also been included, although this is not a beta.

We are yet to install it on our Pixels but will bring you all the new features once they are found. If you want to flash the new Developer Preview on your Pixel phone you can grab it from the download website. It is available for all Pixels from Pixel 2 and newer.

We wonder whether the new Pixel 4a will now not release until the Beta reveal next month — it is possible but with Google you never know as they do play their cards very close to their chests.