Although they are yet to make it Downunder the new Google Pixel Buds are garnering a lot of interest. No longer is a set of headphones just about the sound they produce — it is now also about other features and software updates. As you would expect from a primarily a software company Google are planning on continual roll outs of features to their new Pixel Buds when they become available.

Forbes today are reporting that the new Pixel Buds will receive “feature drops” from Google just as the Pixel phones do — confirmed by Google. At this stage it is unclear just what the first feature drop will be nor when it will be but it is clear that they will not happen at the same time as the Pixel phones feature drops.


Instead, the Pixel Buds will receive their own feature drops as you would expect being a separate piece of hardware no doubt engineered by an entirely different team. This way Google can push out updates if and when they are ready instead of waiting for the Pixel phone update (or vice versa) to be ready.

the goal will be to continue to introduce new helpful features over time, much like we do with Pixel phonesGoogle representative

Forbes were not told when the first update would arrive but can see several areas that could benefit from feature drops including individual, manual EQ settings, improved, on-device real time language translation and better integration with the AI voice recorder app.

Of course none of these are confirmed yet and are just pure speculation. Hopefully they land in Australia soon so we can enjoy them, now and in the future as the feature drops arrive. Anyone else interested in the new Pixel Buds?

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Any news on when the Pixel Buds are coming to Australia?