Not everyone is happy using Fastboot and recovery tools on their own and sometimes it is difficult to send your phone away to a repair place to get it fixed — especially when you are then left without a phone for weeks on end. Now Australians have an easier option, Google’s Pixel Update and Software Repair tool.

Previously the repair tool was only available in the US but now it has expanded to more countries, Australia included. As well, all of our major carriers and their network requirements are supported.

So what is the Pixel Update and Software Repair tool? It is a web-based (Chrome only) that allows the user to first back up their data and then to install or reinstall software updates without having to use ADB or Fastboot themselves. It is also only compatible with Pixel 3 and newer Pixel phones.

If you go into the repair tool website you will see that you can choose the carrier you are on and it will then ask you to backup your data before installing the relevant software. The idea of it is to help users fix/repair their phones “themselves” without having to send it away for a costly and time consuming fix.

Although many readers here at Ausdroid may be able to fix their phones themselves it is definitely handy for those who either do not have the know-how or just cannot be bothered updating or installing the Fastboot and ADB tools required to fix manually themselves.

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Interesting to see the lack of Vodafone logo when selecting Australia. Only seeing VHA (Vodefone Hutchinson Australia). Other countries with Vodafone branded telcos have the proper Vodafone logo.

Understand that Vodafone in Australia will soon be merging with TPG but I would have thought they still would have used their branding until the day occurs.