YouTube Music has had its detractors for a while now. Many of us have made the switch from Google Play Music over to YouTube Music with mostly success but there are still some detractors of it — and for good reason. At this stage YouTube Music still lacks some functionality that many of us have grown used to in GPM but it continues to improve on what seems like a weekly basis.

The latest addition to the service is four new personalised playlists allowing you to listen to your style of music based on what you are doing at the time. A Redditor has now found that these new playlists are available to all users and although they are not easy to find them in the YTM app itself, the links below all lead to the relevant personalised playlist for you:

The links provided above lead to the mixes and can then be easily found on the app once you have added them to your library. I’m not entirely sure how an energy mix is different to a workout mix but I’ll test them out over the weekend for sure.

It is interesting that the lists do not organically surface in the app just yet but once added they can be found via the Playlists menu in your library on the app. Having checked them out their personalisation seems to be legit as you can see in the screenshots above and below of my personalised playlists.

With YTM set to become Google’s only music service by the end of the year there are still small things such as these that need to be added — small things that many of us do not realise we are missing in the new service (until we want them). Let’s help Google out a bit: What else is missing from YTM that you used and enjoyed in GPM?

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Another bug that Google needs to stomp on, YTM polluting your liked YT videos list, with liked GPM songs. Let’s help Google out a bit: What else is missing from YTM that you used and enjoyed in GPM? Fully restore GPM and DO NOT kill it off. Allow users to go back to GPM without penalty. For those on YTM, keep GPM/YTM content properly and fully separate from YT content. Make it possible to BUY songs in YTM. Do not bury playlist generators. Put bluntly, if there was a way to return to GPM, without losing playlists and content, I’d… Read more »


Everything, YTM is absolute rubbish. GPM needs to stay.

Satheesh P K

The play count and metadata editing are the features from GPM I am missing the most

Jesse Castillo

“Shuffle” seems to be very inconsistent. I seem to get the same sequence of songs over and over each time after shuffling a playlist.

Emailing back and forth with YTM Support finally resulted in a reply that said Shuffle is not currently implemented in YTM…huh?, Are you kidding?

Shuffle is one of the things I use constantly with my playlists in Google Play Music. If it it not working well in YTM it will be a major reason for switching to something else once GPM goes away.


Scott, a question: has YouTube itself, both or either, website or app, ever supported shuffle on video playlists?
If not, then it’s pretty obvious that YTM will also never support shuffle.


YTM got gapless playback for downloaded tracks yet?

Max Luong

I discovered today that you can add the same song twice to a playlist. Something GPM prevented.

Also, no app for Android TV and Wear OS. And the casting experience is frustratingly incomplete in so many ways.

James Hector

Thumbs up/down in sonos implementation.
YouTube Music for Family Link Child accounts.


“Let’s help Google out a bit: What else is missing from YTM that you used and enjoyed in GPM?” For me, an easily defined artist library. From what I saw last week there is no way to go to an artist you have in your library and only see the albums you’ve added to your library, it seems in Google’s parlance “library” refers to their library of music for an artist, not a user-created one. Personally I don’t use music streaming to listen to random songs like a radio station, I will shuffle my personal library at most. Also what’s… Read more »