Not long ago in June Google rolled out the first Beta of Android 11 to selected Pixel phones. After that first Beta release Android 11 has now reached what Google are calling “Platform Stability”, a “release milestone” based on feedback from developers.

Although COVID-19 has affected release dates for Android 11 it is still ploughing onwards towards a final release in a few months time. This new Platform Stability release means that all SDKs, NDK APIs and platform behaviours have been finalised and ready for the final stable version of Android 11. This means that developers can finalise their apps for Android 11 now and will know exactly how they will run come Android 11 stable release date.

Google have been hard at work on this release with a mountain of bug fixes listed on the Android Developers website. For more details you can head over there and check out each one individually if you like or you can check out the overview below on the main issues that have been fixed:

As you would expect with a release labelled a beta there are still some issues with the OS at the moment. They can be found on the same website as listed above and remain outstanding but you can be sure Google are working feverishly to fix them:

For those running an Android 11 Beta on their device this new Beta should make a world of difference given that app developers can finalise their app changes and you should get far less crashes from incompatibility — we experienced a lot of app crashes and bootloops caused by incompatible apps on the OPPO Find X2 Pro Android 11 Beta.

For those interested the Android engineering team will host a Reddit AMA on r/androiddev tomorrow, July 9 at 12:00PM PST. You can head over there and leave your questions now to be answered in a few hours time. If you want to check out the new Beta for yourself you can sign up for it here.

This second to last beta release means that a stable Android 11 must not be too far away. As always keep an eye out for it on your Pixel devices and to those not rocking Pixels we hope your manufacturer isn’t too slack on providing the new update for you.

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Biggest annoyance with Beta 1.5 was that I couldn’t record video. Seems fixed in Beta 2.