Usually it is anyone’s guess just when Google will release the next version of Android ot the world but it seems that they have let the cat out of the bag this year in a presentation at their “Hey Google” Smart Home Summit.

At the 18:14 mark of the presentation a slide is shown giving developers a checklist for developers to get their apps and devices ready for the Android 11 launch. Of course no checklist would be complete without a timeframe for said checklist and the date in questions? September 8.

Last year Android 10 was released on September 3 and even with COVID-19 this year Google looks set to maintain that same timeframe. On this date the AOSP version of Android 11 is expected to be pushed out to the masses to enjoy. At the same time Google usually release the stable version of Android so we expect it to arrive for compatible Pixel smartphones on that day as well.

There looks to be a lot of changes with Android 11 this year with a lot of them being under-the-hood changes for privacy controls and security enhancements. It does make us wonder if Google will release the Pixel 4a before then — we hope so because September 8 is still two months away.