The Google Pixel 4a was delayed several times this year but it seems that Google is doing their best to get it into hands as early as possible as some in the US are seeing their orders updated with shipping details.

Although the official launch of the Pixel 4a is set for the 20th August in the US it is on its way to users with several readers of Android Police getting shipped notices on the 17th August.

Here in Australia the Pixel 4a is expected to be shipped to those who pre-order from September 10 but given these turn of events in the US don’t be surprised to see it start shipping earlier (albeit just a few days).

Google is desperately scrambling to get stock of the Pixel 4a available for customers and it is surprising that they have been unable to get stock made by now but given the nature of 2020, in the end nothing is really surprising.

The Pixel 4a is in high demand in Australia with JB Hi-Fi already having their first batch of pre-order devices sold out. The second batch of pre-orders will not ship now until a week later on September 17 according to their website.

To our readers, let us know when your pre-order starts shipping — it would not surprise us if it shipped early here in Australia, even if only a few days.