With the introduction of saved locations in Google Maps you have the ability to keep a record of places of interest, places you want to go, places you’ve been and really anything else you want to save. All of those places can get a bit overwhelming and hard to manage after a few years.

To try and make Maps more helpful Google has released an update to the ‘saved’ tab intended to assist with automatically curating your places. In the Saved tab, you will now see three new carousels of locations: Recently saved, Nearby saved and Visited.

As you scroll down the app you move between the three new sections providing just a little organisation to your ever-growing list of saved locations. Each carousel will provide a sideways scrolling list of your locations that have been automatically created.

For those worried this will remove your saved labels, it’s ok, the new UI cards display the location name, distance and the saved group it belongs to. At the very bottom, you will be able to access the long list of each of your Maps lists.

As always with new Google features it may take a few days for you to see this on your device.