Remember the old days when we all had to use apps such as Sygic, TomTom etc to get turn by turn navigation on our devices — before Google Maps had any navigation. One of the best things about these apps was the ability to use character voices such as Arnie, Yoda, Sean Connery etc.

Unfortunately Google have never introduced these to Google Maps navigation but for a limited time it seems that Google are introducing it to Waze — yes, the fun cousin of Google Maps. Until October 31 users can now “select a side” — villain or superhero — and use the Batmobile or the Riddler’s car as their car icon in Waze.

Not just the car is changed but also the voices with Batman voices by Kevin Conroy and The Riddler by Wally Wingert — the same actors who voiced the characters in the popular Batman Arkham games. The tie in is designed around the first trailer for The Batman which was just released but the movie itself is not expected in theatres until October next year.

To start driving as either Batman or The Riddler open Waze and select “Drive with Batman” and then setting the voice and cars required. To learn more or to get directed to the link click here on your mobile device.

I have wanted this sort of interaction in Google Maps for a long time. Hopefully Google do something like this in the future for their main navigational app. In the meantime, riddle me this, why is it only until October 31?

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Greg Lamb

I’ve seen Waze voice packs for download. Is that just for Android?