Spotify and Apple Music have done it for years and although YouTube Music is only a few years old they have never done it — provide a “Year in Review” playlist based on the songs listened to over the year. It seems that this year that YouTube Music will be providing it to users with one subscriber already receiving it.

A Redditor has captured a screenshot showing YouTube Music surfacing a “My Year in Review” playlist. Coverart for the playlist is included along with a list of the artists included in the playlist although it is unclear if it just lists the top 10 or every single artist at this stage.

Very little else is known about the playlist at this stage but it would be nice to also see data about the songs included — personally I want to be able to edit it unlike the Google Photos one which always includes device review photos for me for some reason. Spotify include an infographic and data on the songs and unlike the Spotify playlist it appears that the YouTube Music “Year in Review” playlist will not be shareable.

Google seems to be a bit slow out of the box with some of these types of features but eventually they add them. Hopefully they put their own spin on the “Year in Review” playlist adding in some of the type of stuff that only Google can do.

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