As we reported late last year, Google is said to have a foldable Pixel phone in development. The prototype, codenamed Passport, is said to be Google’s foldable device, and more credence can now be lent to these rumours as news outlet TheElec states that Google is among the companies requesting foldable displays from Samsung.

The article states this display is about 7.6 inches in size, but details beyond that aren’t to be found just yet. If Google is sticking to schedule, we’ll find out what the phone is later this year, but a delay wouldn’t be surprising.

A folding phone with this display size would be about the same size as the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Folding phones are a cool technology, but the market is still nascent due to the cost to the consumer, durability issues, and lacking software support. If Google gets behind the trend, though, it’s possible the concept could be ironed out a bit more.