The device name may be a mouthful but what you’re getting is the latest and greatest of DIY home video security. The additional features are called 3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View technologies. They’re specifically designed to give you a better view, including context about what is happening outside your home.

The features utilise a radar sensor to detect where and when a movement alert has been triggered, whilst also assisting — through the size, shape and speed of moment — what an object or animal may be. This also creates the opportunity for the doorbell to create “Birds Eye View”, an aerial view of your yard with imagery of where the motion was detected.

These new features are added to other features we’ve come to expect from Ring including package detection (with the new device offering head to toe video, even more accurate), High-def video at 1536p, customisable motion and privacy zones. The two-way talk options have been improved with a new microphone setup, which limits sound distortion if your doorbell is prone to capturing a lot of surrounding noise.

If you pay for a Ring Protect plan, you’ll also be able to utilise Alexa greetings which, in a way, turns your doorbell into an answering service as well. Ring is without a doubt, one of the leaders in the Video doorbell market and this continued innovation will mean they continue to remain among the leading pack.

They’re available on the Amazon site or via the usual major retail chains for $399.00

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Where is the facial detection for custom visitor announcements like Nest door has?!


its useless , they didnt add wifi 6