Google TV, which is now well over a year old, has finally received one of the first updates that bring with it fixes to Dobly Vision playback and storage alongside a security patch update.

The update, which is rolling out to Google TV users devices requires 158MB of the Chromecast’s 8GB storage to be used for the download to proceed. Though users who have downloaded the update have reported getting an additional 200-300MB memory space thanks in part to the storage optimisations and management improvements.

Some of the update includes as stated include:

  • security firmware update
  • a new ‘uninstall apps’ feature that lists each installed app and the memory it is taking up
  • improved Dolby Vision playback for ‘some apps’ which is welcomed given buggy and inconsistent during playback since launch
  • Enable some apps playback to be HDR10 instead of converting to HDR HLG
    offer increased DRM Video decoding performance.

Whilst the update to Google TV with Chromecast does keep it running with Android 10, it still provides some significant improvements and bug fixes that users have been requesting to be fixed.

The version update is QTSI.210311.036 and if you haven’t already, you can go to Settings > System > About > System update to see if the update is ready for you to download.

Have you updated your Google TV with Chromecast device to this new version, we would like to hear your feedback in the comments below.