GoPro is the name for capturing your life, whether it’s daily living or action adventures. The problem that a lot of users face is that they don’t know how to improve and edit their footage. The acquisition of Reelsteady in 2020 said a lot about the future of GoPro in this space.

The latest update to GoPro Player + Reelsteady software brings further enhancements to the desktop editing suite. For the adrenaline inclined, perhaps the most important is the stabilisation of the footage. This takes the video to a new level, beyond that which the camera alone is capable of, to further improve your video quality. The software can remove the curve on the footage that is typical of the wide-angle lens.

Once you’re happy with the appearance, the editing of footage now has more granular controls. The addition of frame by frame trimming leaves you with only the footage you want to show others on your reels.

The “bad news” is the $159.99 cost of the software. It’s a once-off fee for licencing, and you’ll have it for life, so if you’re a heavy GoPro user, it’s not outrageous. Much like the GoPro account membership, it’s well worth the money.