Google is apparently developing an update that will be rolled out to its streaming pucks, the Chromecast with Google TV for both the HD and 4K versions. The update will bring with it speedier performance, freeing up more storage and a smoother performance for the device’s users.

In a support page blog, the company has stated that over the past two years it has released many updates to the Google TV experience based on users feedback and that it will be bringing in the latest update to begin rolling out soon will bring with it freeing up storage space, something users have wanted given the streaming pucks only come with 8GB of storage and per app this storage can quickly dwindle down.

The update will include a new App Hibernation feature that will automatically force apps to hibernate when not used for over 30 days. Furthermore, Google has stated that it has leveraged Android App Bundles for Google TV reducing the size of the apps by roughly 25%.

There will also be performance updates which will eliminate wait time between the remote and the device. Google has said the update will also reduce the time it takes to wake up your Google TV, the response time between your TV and button clicks on your remote, and the amount of time you see the loading animation when rebooting your device.

Of course, this update compliments the update Google rolled out last month with some subtle changes which began in the US and the company has stated they have improved the Google TV home screen performance, creating a smoother experience across the board.

Google has said that it is committed to always improving with further updates to begin roll out later this year and has welcomed users to provide feedback on their experience on the updates and suggestions via their feedback page here.

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It needs more storage. Hopefully there’s a new generation coming soon with some performance and storage improvements.


Would love to see monthly security/performance updates just like Pixel, for the Chromecast. I mean, it’s Android underneath right? Or quarterly ‘feature drop’ style ones, regularly.

Jack Bauer

You would only get viruses and such from installing a really dodgy APK.