We’ve seen a bit of noise — pardon the pun — about upcoming Google Assistant-enabled headphones using the codename ‘bisto’ from Google, but today we’re getting a very good idea on what one of these headphones will look like, in the form of Bose’ upcoming QC35 II which will feature Google Assistant.

The inclusion of Assistant in the next version of Bose’ popular QC35 was confirmed overnight by 9to5Google, which found evidence in Google’s Assistant app for iOS, as well as the ‘bisto’ codename in code elsewere. The QC35 II will look much like the original which it replaces, except with the inclusion of an action button on the left ear cup to integrate with Assistant.

The new headphones will feature “adjustable noise cancelation” and a “noise-rejecting dual microphone” that “provides clear calls and accurate Google Assistant response in noisy environments.” We understand that battery life will be around 20 hours and all up they’ll weigh about 161 grams.

With retail packaging confirming the inclusion of Assistant in the QC35 II headphones, I know what I’ll be wanting for Christmas this year. At $499, they’ll have to come from Santa, too. We understand, though, that these headphones will likely go on sale in two to three weeks, which lines up with Google’s October 4th event set for San Francisco.

Source: 9to5Google.
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Ow the blog is looking so good. Thanks for the post dude. This headphones are good one.

Jason Forsyth

i was looking for an excuse to buy some QC35’s. I think i just found it.
Take my damn money!