Google Chromecast
Dick Smith must be close to running out of stock of the Chromecast, but we don’t really care as long as they keep dishing them up at a bargain price…that’s right, the $39 Chromecast deal at Dick Smith is back.

The deal is the same as before, except for one change unfortunately there’s a $4.95 shipping charge on top. The code remains the same ‘SAVER10‘, simply enter the code at checkout to take $10 off the $49 listed price of the Chromecast.

If you’re not aware of what you can do with a Chromecast, then we highly recommend you check out our guide to apps for the Chromecast (which has grown since we first sent this live), as well as how to get Netflix working here in Australia. If you’re waiting for local content, you can try out Quickflix, or Foxtel’s Presto Movie streaming service, both of which recently added Chromecast support. If those aren’t enough you could use Chromecast Screen Mirroring to cast your SBS On-Demand or ABC iView to the big screen.

As long as Dick Smith keep putting these deals up, we’ll keep pushing them, because quite frankly we love our Chromecasts and only an Android TV unit with Chromecast built-in is going to beat it at this stage.

Have you got your Chromecast yet? Which app is your favourite?

Source: Dick Smith.
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Not working for me either.

Ben Helps

True, just trying the SAVER10 coupon on their checkout
“Coupon code “SAVER10″ is not valid.”


For a matter of $5, just go to the store.

Freeman Man

doesn’t seem to work today

Ben Helps

I’m very tempted, however I’d want to be able to connect to it on my home network, from the internet. Maybe port forwarding or the like. Is this possible?


A VPN might work.

Do you want to annoy people at home by starting up YouTube videos while at work?

Ben Helps

Not sure why I want it at moment. I just have a hunch it’ll prove useful. Well, that and everything else in the house can be SSH’d from anywhere


You’ve got me thinking now.

I suppose you could use the Screencast feature (if you’ve got a Nexus 5), to show things to people at home. Open up Maps and show them where to meet you, or open up a drawing program to sketch something. Show them your Calendar plans for the day.

Ben Helps

Yeah, lot of possibilities. You had me worried, but Google seems to say Screencast works fine on N4. It’s my mainstay until a new 7+” phone comes out again like the good old ZTE V9 or (reportedly) the Nexus 7 2012.

Ben Helps

And I an considering a VPN, though more for access to things/prep for AU telcos being forced into assholes by govt.