Chromecast Google Play Music offer.
Chromecast is one of the best content delivery systems around, be it from external services with built-in Chromecast playback, or just using Google’s own service, and Google wants to show it off. Buying a Chromecast from Google Play – or it seems any Australian retailer (JB or Dick Smith) – will now net you 90 days access to Google Play Music.

To redeem the offer, there’s two ways to go. Point your browser at and select your Chromecast and then redeem the offer, or you can also go into your Chromecast app on your tablet/phone and select your Chromecast and then tap the settings menu and then Check for offers. From both you should get a browser with these two Chromecast bonus offers (provided you haven’t redeemed Presto as yet).
Chromecast offers

The offer is limited, it has to be redeemed before the 30th of September, and it’s limited to people who have never used Google Play Music All Access previously, this includes using it as a trial or paying for it. After your 90 Days ends, you can continue to subscribe to Play Music All Access for the normal price of $11.99 per month. There’s more, but those are the biggies, for a full list you can check the Google Play Support page.

That’s essentially three months worth of Google Play Music All Access ($35.97 worth of access) for just $49 — less if you can get a deal from Dick Smith — that’s not a bad offer no matter which way you look at it.

Source: Chromecast Google Play.
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so annoying these kind of offers. What do people that have been subscribed from the beginning get as a thank you?

Stephen Crisafulli

I just unsubed from all access this morning and moved back to Spotify, only way to send a message about the device deactivation limit