Google - December 17th Christmas orders
If you were thinking of ordering a new device from Google Play for someone for Christmas, Google has started advising that you’ll need to get your order in by the 17th of December if you want it delivered by the 24th of December.

The banner ad that Google is running is showing off a Nexus 9, Gear Live, G Watch and of course the ultimate stocking stuffer – the Chromecast. All of which are great recommendations – well except for the Samsung Gear Live which is listed as out of stock at the moment. If those don’t tickle your fancy though, there’s always the Nexus 5, LG G Watch R or maybe a nice accessory – Wireless Nexus Charger anyone?

We would of course love to have seen the Nexus 6 on this list – but it seems there may be delays on that, with Google still keeping silent on exactly when the phone will go up for pre-order. Local suppliers appear ready to start supplying the Nexus 6 around the 16th to 18th of December, so hopefully around then we’ll get the nod.

If you’re planning to use Google Play to play Santa this year, make sure you have your order in by the 17th and surprise someone with a lovely Androidy hardware gift.

Source: Google Play Devices.