Hopefully you’ll never know the pain of cracking a screen, or losing or having a device stolen – but well it happens. Your home insurance can generally cover it, but then there are those pesky insurance premium hikes whenever you make a claim. Optus has decided to jump on in to device insurance with a new product they’re calling, Yes Cover.

Yes Cover will cover all the devices listed on your Optus plan, from mobile phones, to tablets and accessories, they’re all covered for just $13 per month, on a month-to-month basis – with no lock-in. There is of course an ‘excess’ fee to pay if you need to make a claim, with a $50 excess fee if you accidentally damage a device, or $150 if you lose or have your device stolen. with a replacement device being sent out within 1-2 business days of having your claim approved. There’s also no limit on claims – 0ne, two, three…fifty? No problem, although they may start baulking at fifty, so let’s not try that out.

Yes Cover will cover you locally, or even internationally, so there’s some cover if you happen to have a problem while overseas. But generally, it may not be worth getting a new phone shipped to you on holiday – but it’s insurance, so it’s all about peace of mind.

Insurance is probably a good idea with a device that’s easily damaged, lost or stolen, although that’s $312 over the course of a two-year contract. Whether this is a good idea for you is a decision you’ll have to make, but if you’ve ever heard that heart-wrenching sound of glass cracking when you drop a phone, this may be for you.

Do you have extra insurance for your phone or tablet?

Source: Optus.
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I’ve used their insurance serveral times with no problems. Two of those’s times i chose to upgrade the phone lg910–s2 and s2–note2, there was a small fee with this option but a win for me. I don’t think there was an excess after 1 year (no claim) if getting the same phone replaced., But i did pay 200-300 excess when i had the note2 replaced after 3mths. Most times took 2weeks for replacement to arrive.


Haven’t they had this for awhile?

Daniel Tyson

They’ve had insurance but it’s a revamp to a more wholistic product. to cover your entire device range, not just a device at a time.