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Google’s second generation Chromecast hardware and new Chromecast audio dongles are set to launch here in Australia in the coming weeks with the hardware now showing in the JB Hifi retail system.

According to sources, the dongles are both listed in the JB Hifi inventory system, with the launch expected to come within the next couple of weeks. The dongles are both slightly more expensive than the current $49 RRP of the original Chromecast dongle, with JB Hifi listing them at $59 each. The SKU’s are in the system, with JB using 937278for the Chromecast 2 and 937282 for Chromecast Audio – both of which unfortunately do not show up in a search on their site.

Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio JB

Google announced the Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio back at their Nexus 5X/6P launch event back in September last year. Retail availability was limited to a small selection of countries and Google was tight lipped at the time on an exact launch date for other countries.

Chromecast 2 hardware includes better reception for Wi-Fi through the addition of 5GHz support as well as support for Wi-Fi 802.11 AC, allowing for more bandwidth and access to less crowded spectrum, a definite must with video streaming devices. Chromecast Audio enables any speaker with an audio jack (3.5mm jack with analog and optical digital audio output) to play streaming music.

Training for JB retail staff on the new Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio hardware is expected to take place prior to the launch, which could take place as soon as this coming week. Point of Sale material is also arriving in JB stores, but appears to have been slow to roll out to some stores.

So far we’ve only been able to find traces of the impending launch at JB Hifi, though there’s been nothing posted on their website. There’s been no repeat of the Dick Smith leak which prematurely announced the impending arrival of the original Chromecast into Australia, so it’s a matter of wait and see when it comes to which retailers will be stocking the new generation of Chromecasts.

As noted by Lachlan over on our Facebook page, Kogan Australia is also offering the Chromecast 2 in Black, Coral and Yellow) as well as Chromecast Audio for $59. The Chromecast Audio and Coral/Yellow Chromecast 2 are listed as ‘Coming Soon’ but the Black Chromecast 2 is listed as able to leave their warehouse in 1-2 weeks.

Kogan will charge you a delivery fee on top of the retail price. If you want to jump onto Kogan, you can check out what they have to offer on their website.

We’ve reached out to Google Australia for comment on the launch, and we’ll update as soon as we have more information.

Thanks: Anon.
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    Scott Evans

    So through the Kogan android app, if you select the chromecast 2 you get slugged $23 postage? Think I can wait until they’re available in my local BigW


    There will surely be a few places with stock of the old model that will try to sell them off cheaper once the new model is released. Is the new model (Chromecast 2, not Audio) wildly different to the Chromecast 1? Or (because of software updates) do they run the exact same way?

    Darren Ferguson

    It’s a little bit faster and has 5Ghz wifi. That’s about it.

    Greg Hortin

    I got one of each from the states and was looking to add another Chromecast audio for some Logitech speakers in the bedroom. The Chromecast 2 is just the one but faster. The audio actually opens up new options and I’ll be recommending them to a bunch of people as soon as they launch.


    If it overheats then use a hdmi extender to move it away from the display source? I’ve always used the extender that came with my Chromecast and it’s never overheated.


    Not hard to work out, went to Bing Lee and they had no stock of the old one, they said new one is on it’s way just waiting for stock to arrive

    Jason Murray

    Do feel free to tip us with this information next time 😉

    Mike Stevens

    I’m pretty interested in the Chromecast Audio. Combined with a few affordable Logitech/similar speakers throughout the house, the multi-room support would be most welcome – and cheaper than most dedicated multi-room setups.

    Greg Smith

    This is what I’ve done – one CCA in each of my two receivers plus another two for some old Logitechs. Works really well!


    Oh that’s good.

    We finally reach an exchange level where US$35 *would* equal A$50 – and they up the price.

    And it’s late.


    Finally! I’ve read that the Chromecast 2 is less prone to overhearing which is my biggest annoyance with the original Chromecast. So many times I’m ready to Chromecast something but it can’t be found, so I have to unplug the Chromecast, throw it in the fridge for a minute or two then plug it in again so it’ll start working properly.

    Hopefully this won’t have that problem.


    I just reboot mine if it can’t be discovered


    I bought it on eBay a month back. I can’t figure out what’s improved. And, you can be sure it heats up.


    nothing it’s just a updated version original with a new design & much needed 5Ghz support, there is no reason to replace you current Chromecast if your having no problem.

    Basically you can think of it like how gaming console update they release newer version of the console like PS3 & XBOX 360 both had 3 Designs with small tweaks and improvements where made but overall function is the same.

    Jason Murray

    I haven’t had to do that, but the little HDMI cable on the 2nd gen might cause the Chromecast to be placed where there’s a little more airflow.

    Mike Stevens

    Hah, “overhearing” – I thought this was some sort of signal/channel-related complaint. Didn’t realise it was a typo until further along!


    use the extender cable that comes with the Chromecast to move it away from the TV a bit. if it still doing it take it back and get a replacement i have 3 and some are wallmounted TV never have overheating problems