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Today is the day – Android Wear will begin shipping for those of you who ordered a watch. The LG G Watch is due to begin shipping today, with the Samsung Gear Live due to begin shipping out to customers on Monday.

So, with orders coming, we have some questions, so we thought we’d do a bit of a poll and see what you’re thinking when it comes to Android Wear. We’re also keen to find out if you’ve recevied a shipping notification.

Now, vote below:

So, remember to let us know in the comments when you receive your shipping notification – or at least if you’ve been charged for your new watch.

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Simon Hoomans

Just received an email saying my gear live has been shipped . Yay

Cameron Harvey

… Gear Live or G Watch? Gear Lives haven’t started shipping yet…

Simon Hoomans

Definitely Gear Live …

Cameron Harvey

Hmm.. Care to share a screen grab?

Cameron Harvey

Scratch that – my Gear Live just shipped haha


Bought a G Watch, but really want a Moto 360.

Jamie Saltmarsh

Hi Chris, I’ll take your G watch. Haha


Bought a LG one and just received the shipped email. I won’t buy the samsung one, in US the samsung one sold only 199 but here is 250. WTF

Also LG G should work with my Nexus 5 very well.

Ray Jablonskis

I went for the Gear Live out of the two devices our right now. Although I will probably sell it when the Moto 360 comes out. Depends on what the reviews of that device are like.

Cameron Harvey

Shipped! Woohoo!

Sucks that it’s the weekend lol

Clyde Jones

Just got the shipping notice 😀

Hew McLachlan

Email just now. “Great news! Your order on Google Play has shipped.”

Ian Aitken

Just got the same email 🙂

Yianni soc

ordered the G Watch.. but only because we’re giving it away.
I’m personally waiting for the Moto 360

Cameron Harvey

I’ve ordered both the G Watch and the Gear Live and I will DEFINITELY be getting the Moto 360.

I ordered my G Watch on the afternoon of the 25th and the Gear live pretty much 5 minutes after it went live.

G Watch hasn’t shipped yet… soon! It’s 10.15am in Singapore (I’m assuming it comes from Singapore like the Nexus)… Plenty of time 🙂

Nick Tsiotinos

Ordered the Samsung yesterday (3rd) – not charged on my account yet.

Alexei Watson

The amount of people holding for the 360 must have all other manufacturers considering similair round faced products, surely.

I hope the 360 has a heart rate sensor that can tie in to fitness apps like runtastic.


Personally, I hope that the 360 doesn’t have a heart rate sensor. More features packed in are usually good, but in this case, it’s likely wasted space and I’d like all available space to be used for a bigger battery. Apparently a review of the HRS on the Galaxy Gear Live (from one of the many android review sites) requires you to stay motionless for 10 or so seconds before it can return an accurate reading. Not that user friendly, IMHO.

Daniel Tyson

I too am a bit anti-Heart Rate monitor on Android Wear – unless they work better than what Samsung has implemented so far. That said, Google did say they were compatible with a range of BT enabled heart rate sensors, so there’s that.

Alexei Watson

I’d like it to have a HR monitor that actually works as an exercise tool, waiting 10 seconds is something I can achieve with my finger and a stopwatch. If it were to be like the one in the the galaxy live, I’d prefer not to have it.

Luke Pocock

I am waiting for Moto 360 but I am a bit concerned that you have to tap to get the time based on the demo’s from IO

Alexei Watson

there’s a wrist movement gesture.

You can set the screen to always on (dimmed)
You can tap the button to wake
You lift your wrist toward you to wake

it was in a video demo, I’ll try find it for you… ah here we go. you’ll have to remove the spaces, as ausdroid marks links to be approved by a moderator.

www . youtube . com/watch?v=0KCE4MPtb-w

Luke Pocock

Thanks, the official Moto 360 Video didn’t show that. Now I’m excited all over again!

Alexei Watson

there’s a wrist movement gesture.

You can set the screen to always on (dimmed)
You can tap the button to wake
You lift your wrist toward you to wake
it was in a video demo, I’ll try find it for you… ah here we go.

Ian Aitken

I ordered mine last week, today the status is still the same (To be dispatched from warehouse on
04/07/2014) so i guess we play the waiting game. Does anyone know where the warehouse is, OS or local?


Warehouse is in Hong Kong. Dates shown on the Australian Google Play store are local, so everything should be happening today.

Ian Aitken

Thanks mate, Thought it might be HK.

Clyde Jones

Been charged yesterday, haven’t received any shipping notice yet.

Clarence Tang

Waiting for the Motorola 360, but contemplating whether I should get a Galaxy Gear Live in the interim…

geoff fieldew

Wife is getting me a Gear Live for my birthday in a couple of weeks. But if the Moto 360 becomes available in the interim, I could be swayed.


To me, every single smartwatch released to date looks disgustingly ugly, except for the Motorola 360 which looks amazing. I can’t really see myself wearing a smartwatch, but seeing the 360 in real life might change my mind!


I’ve been charged twice – but no shipping notification yet

David Jacka

I’ve just been charged this morning but no shipping notification as yet. Will update when I get it.