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How much are you willing to pay for a smartwatch seems to be the question, many people have been expecting a higher-end price for the Motorola Moto 360, but how much were you expecting to pay for the newly announced LG G Watch R? Well, LG Germany has apparently slipped the pricing, as well as availability for the watch in Germany into their press release.

The press release slipped in a few extra details compared to what most press outlets around the world received yesterday, including extra details on price and availability. While most outlets were advised :

The LG G Watch R will be available in key markets early in the fourth quarter of 2014. Prices and details of availability will be announced locally at the time of launch. Visitors to IFA can see LG G Watch R up close in Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin from September 5-10.

German outlets were advised :

Die LG G Watch R wird in Deutschland ab Oktober zu einem UVP von 299 Euro verfügbar sein. Auf der IFA in Berlin ist die G Watch R vom 5. Bis 10. September am LG-Stand in Halle 11.2 bereits zu bewundern.
Google translation:
The LG G Watch R will be available in Germany from October at a recommended retail price of 299 euros. At IFA in Berlin Until September 10 at the LG booth in Hall 11.2 already admire the G Watch R on 5.

The price of €299, sits the LG G Watch R at a price of approximately AU$421 – a large hike from the expected, yet unconfirmed $300-$350 price tag of the Motorola Moto 360, when it hits Australia sometime before Christmas.

There’s been quite a bit of interest in the G Watch R in our most recent poll, while it’s not neck and neck, the G Watch R has managed to drop the interest in the Moto 360 apparently. It will be interesting to monitor the poll today after this news and see if it affects the results further.

Does this price change your mind about the G Watch R?

Source: LG Germany.
Via: Android Police.
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Matthew Wolstenholme

im waiting for them to be like 150 haha, 200 max


Wow, almost as much as a new phone.


too much … btw we normally write 299€, not €299.

Nit Pick

Actually not to nit pick but the correct international convention is to put the currency before the amount in written format, spoken the currency comes after the amount, so it is correct in the article.


This is true for Dollars, not for Euros.


Actually you are correct, it is in English that symbols go in front, I’m just not used to see euros amount written in English.


There’s not even any Australia Tax on that number yet :-/

Phillip Molly Malone

I have set a ceiling of $350 on the Moto360. They, unfortunately, are hurting their mindshare lead by taking this long to come to market.


I have set a ceiling of $350 too, anything higher is just too much imo.


$420? just.. no. I really don’t need to know if an avocado is a fruit or vegetable that much.