Gear Live 4
It’s not the big update that Google announced was coming for Android Wear yesterday, but the Samsung Gear Live is apparently receiving an OTA update at the moment which brings a couple of improvements to the current features.

The update, which brings the build version of Android Wear up to KGW42N, is all about improvements to navigation and alarms. Android Police have done a deep dive into the update and found that the navigation improvements include options for alternate destinations, for example saying ‘Navigate to KMart’ it should automatically default to the nearest one, but offer options for ones nearby as well. They also found that at each waypoint, the watch now vibrates to indicate an imminent change.

Setting Alarms on your watch now also get some customisation options, in the form of setting recurring alarms. You can now set an alarm to recur for one or more days a week, simply set the alarm and then tap ‘edit’ afterwards.

The update is rolling out to the Gear Live now, but with Google controlling the updates, we should see something for the LG G Watch shortly as well. Let us know if you’ve seen an update on your Gear Live or G Watch.

Source: Android Police.
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Noticed my Gear Live received the update yesterday, but haven’t noticed much in the way of changes.


Interesting that the navigation update makes it vibrate on each change. I noticed my LG G watch doing that friday and thought that’s new. Im not sure when it updated though

Artem Russakovskii

Actually, this is a result of the last Maps update, not this OTA. About 1-2 weeks ago.