tinyCam Monitor Pro
Owners of IP Cameras using tinyCam Monitor Pro have begun receiving a decent update to their app. Developer Tiny Solutions LLC have begun rolling out version 5.6 of the app, which adds support for streaming their IP camera feed to their Android Wear watches.

To launch the app from your wrist, you can say ‘OK Google. Start tinyCam Monitor’ or simply select it from your list of apps installed. Once loaded you can all the IP Cams you have setup in your app, it allows you to tap to zoom from your wrist, as well as swipe to the right and select the camera you want from a list.

The update also contains other updates including Tasker/Locale automation plugins and performance increases:


  • Cast to Android Wear. Say “OK Google. Start tinyCam Monitor” or use “Cast to Android Wear” menu item to start casting. See http://goo.gl/eZgaMt
  • Tasker/Locale automation plugin for tasks and states. More info http://goo.gl/73XTfQ
  • RTSP over UDP (unicast and multicast) protocols.
  • 2x performance increase for SW MPEG-4/H.264 decoder. Less battery drain.
  • Temporarily disarm alarms. Press on motion detection icon to disarm/arm alarm.
  • Don’t show multiple cameras if only 1 camera enabled.

I currently only have one IP Camera setup, currently aimed at my sons bed. Going to the movies last night I had the camera streaming to my wrist and was able to surreptitiously watch him being put to bed by his grandparents while in the theatre. I currently use an older model Kogan IP Camera, but I am currently investigating a second, higher resolution (720P) model from Deal Extreme to add to my security arsenal.

The update is currently only in the Pro version which sells for $4.25, but will eventually come to the free version. But, definitely worth getting onto the paid version if you want to get the latest and greatest features, check it out now in Google Play.

Source: Google Play.