With Lollipop set to roll out to Nexus – and the LG G3 – devices in the (hopefully) very near future, Material Design is set to take centre stage for Google apps and indeed, if Google gets their wish, most of the apps in the Play Store. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the next update to the Android Wear companion app, will see a Material Design makeover – as well as a few new goodies.

The app leak was shown off by Phandroid, who show an app that very much takes on the lighter theme from Material Design. As well as the new look, there’s also new functions on-board with the overflow menu now filled with new options from taking a screenshot of your Android Wear device screen (oh, happy day), the ability to disconnect your connected paired device or forget it entirely and you can also view bug reports.

The new app will require an update to Google Play Services (6.5.75) which Phandroid is reporting features new security settings for Verify Apps and Android Device Manager. There won’t be any shared APKs though, with the Play Services version they have only compatible with certain phones. It shouldn’t take too much longer to roll out though – come-on Google!

Source: Phandroid.
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    I want granular control of my screen mode, eg ambient on or off. I want an advanced setting that allows me to use the screen timer and function of ambient off with the wake response of ambient on. this should give me more responsive watch on function with the more conservative power management of ambient off, and yes I have a 360 that’s why it matters.