Moto 360 HEader
The list of retailers stocking the much sought after Motorola Moto 360 has now grown by one, with Officeworks now listing the watch for sale on their website.

So far, Officeworks is only listing the Moto 360 in Silver, with a black leather band for $329. Officeworks is offering to ship the watch to you for an additional fee, with a 1-5 day dispatch date, or you can pick-up in-store from a selected range of suppliers with a 2-7 day, or longer, lead time in some stores.

The watch which has seen an incredibly slow rollout in Australia, has been in very limited supply since it’s supposed launch on the 30th of October. It seems that stores are beginning to see more stock now though, so hopefully the days of scarce stock of the Moto 360 are over. A reminder that in the next couple of months, Motorola intends to release a steel band version for $359, though no retailers have been listed as stocking that version as yet.

If you’re interested in grabbing a Moto 360 from Officeworks, head on over to the Officeworks website and add one to your cart now.

Source: Officeworks.
Thanks: +Onel Benjamin.


  1. If you check the Moto website and then the various resellers you will see Moto only lists silver with grey band and black with black. On the resellers website they show silver with black but Moto isn’t bringing the black band into the country. So Silver is with the grey band only despite what the website photo shows. GoodGuys was the same.