After announcing a host of new features that will roll out to the majority of Android Wear watches in the next few weeks, Google has begun updating their Android Wear application in preparation. As well as preparing the way for feature updates, Google has also taken the opportunity to spruce the place up as it were.

The first change you’ll notice after updating the app is the prompt to ‘Connect your watch to Wi-Fi with Wear Cloud Sync’, as well as allow Google Fit to use and store sensor data.

Once you’re past the initial settings acceptance screen, you’ll see that the app has a few new additional visual touches. The new look seem to make it more ‘Material’, with some stronger shadows, but the more outstanding feature is the addition of a ‘tips’ card which promises to show you more about your watch, and a card which will point you towards Android Wear apps.

Among the new usability features in the settings menu, you will also find calendar settings which let you choose which calendars to display from your associated accounts, with the sub-menu allowing you to uncheck specific calendars attached to each account.

The new update should be rolling out to Android Wear users over the next few days, so keep an eye out on Google Play for the prompt to update.

Wear OS by Google Smartwatch
Wear OS by Google Smartwatch
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.