Following an earlier confirmation by a ZTE executive that the company was working on an Android Wear watch we’ve now got our first look at the device. The ZTE Quartz has leaked out thanks to some marketing materials that Venture Beat has gotten their mitts onto.

The all-round watch will support Bluetooth (obviously), Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity (no mention of LTE). The pictured device looks like it will use a standard 22mm watch band, allowing user customisation of looks. While only showing a single button, and not a rotating crown that will be featured on both of the LG watches tomorrow, it’s still likely that the watch will launch with Android Wear 2.0.

With Android Pay coming to compatible watches with NFC, we’re hoping that ZTE has included an NFC chip. The device actually looks elegant and able to be dressed up or down with the right band. If this supports NFC I think I’m looking at my next watch. ZTE has a history of bringing affordable devices to the market so I’ll now be obsessively looking for any and all ZTE Quartz leaks!

We spoke to ZTE briefly this morning about the ZTE Quartz, and while it’s confirmed that it’s underway, there’s not a lot of further detail about at the moment. There’s a question on whether it will come to Australia or not; we’re typically a harder country to launch a watch into, which is why some other brands don’t launch here. However, with ZTE’s reputation for affordability, we’re definitely hoping to see this one here!

Source: Venture Beat.
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Phillip Molly Malone

Remember the 5 mins last year when Android Wear was dead? 😉


That was 2016. This is 2017. Catch up 😉 lol