For the last little while, Android Wear has had a problem. If you had ‘OK Google’ detection turned on, chances are very good that your smartwatch would’ve been quite slow to respond, and in some cases, may have made it borderline unusable.

While there was a workaround – disabling OK Google detection – that’s hardly a solution, and Google has now updated the Google app to prevent the problem from arising. The Google Issue Tracker says that this has been addressed in version of the Google application.

If you’ve disabled OK Google to get your watch working properly, you can now turn it back on. Simply head into Settings -> Personalisation and you can re-enable it provided that your Google app on your Android device has been updated. Unsure? Pop into System -> Apps -> System Apps -> Google -> App Info and check the version number matches the new version.

While you’ll receive the update in time automatically, if you’re the anxious kind, you can grab the updated Google app directly from Android Police’s APK Mirror today.

Source: XDA Developers.
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Joshua Hill

Fixed this by disabling AndroidWear completely. Been rocking a traditional watch for almost 2 months and I can’t say I miss the gimmicks or disappointments of AndroidWear. Best part is not having to take my watch off for an hour or two to charge it daily.


hope this really fixes lag on my urbane 2nd lte
Update : mine is on arm. still laggy 🙁